School Board Meeting Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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Roll Call 00:00:52

1. Adjustments to the agenda 00:01:51

2. Approval of Minutes May 11, 2021 00:02:00

3. Comments from Public on Agenda Items 00:02:55

4. Comments from Student Representatives 00:10:43

5. Presentations -A. Recognition Nutrition Service 00:13:28

5. B. Recognize retirees 00:21:17

Jeff Shedd, CEHS Principal Ginger Raspiller, CEHS Tech Integrator Mary Poker-Page, CEHS Social Studies Teacher Barbara McLean, PCES Administrative Assistant Joan Moriarity, CEHS Administrative Assistant Linda Alfiero, PCES Grade 1 teacher Michele Gagne, CEMS Administrative Assistant Mary Dulac, PCES Literary Interventionist Donna Wolfrom, Superintendent of Schools Candance O'Brien, CEHS Math Teacher Deb Butterworth, PCES Math Interventionist

6. COVID Update 01:39:33

6. Admin Reports A. Principals 01:43:34

6.B. Business Manager 01:55:07

Marcia Weeks

6.C. Director of Teaching and Learning 01:59:13

Cathy Stankard

6.D. Director of Special Services 02:02:30

Del Peavey

6.E. Superintendent 02:05:50

Donna Wolfrom

8. New Business A. Coaching Nominations 02:09:21

8.B. Second year probationary contracts 02:10:18

Consideration to approve the Superintendent's nominations of personnel to second-year probationary contracts.

8.C. Middle School PE Teacher 02:10:55

Consideration to approve Lance Belanger for the CEMS PE Teacher position

8.D. Change title of Transportation Supervisor 02:11:30

Consideration to change the title of Transportation Supervisor to Direct of Transportation

8.E. Approve Director of Facilities 02:12:40

Consideration to approve David Bagdasarian for the Director of Facilities position.

8.F. Approve Assist. Superintendent 02:13:19

Consideration to approve Michelle McClellan for the Assistant Superintendent position

8.G. Authority to personnel during the summer 02:17:24

Consideration to grant the Superintendent of Schools authority to hire school personnel, excluding administrative positions which will require Boar approval, during the summer.

8.H. Fall Return Plan 02:18:13

8.!. Approve 2-year leave of absence 02:19:12

Consideration to approve a 2-year leave of absence from September 2021 - June 2023 for Jonathan Werner under the Educational Interchange Program for MLTI.

8.J. Reschedule Sabbatical 02:19:49

Consideration to reschedule Laura Briggs' Sabbatical to September 2021 for first semester, and upnpaid leave for second semester.

8.K. New language in job description 02:20:31

Consideration to approve the new language in the Job Description of the Director of Educational Technology.

8.L. & M.Second and First Readings 02:22:14

Second Reading: Affirmative Action Plan First Readings: JLCB – Immunization of Students and Communicable Diseases • GCFB – Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff • GCFB-R - Procedure • Chemical Hazard Plan

9. Agenda Requests 02:28:04

10. Committee Reports 02:28:16

11. Consideration to Adjourn 02:31:11