School Board - December 13, 2022

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Roll Call / Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:02

Consideration to elect a Board Chair 00:01:04

Elizabeth Scifres, Chair

Election of Board Vice Chair and Committee Appointments 00:01:46

Adjustments to the Agenda 00:04:09

Approval of School Board Minutes 00:05:40

November 8, 2022

Comments from Public on Agenda Items 00:06:04

Comments from Student Representatives 00:06:30

Jack Quinn Juliett Moore

Presentations A. Mindfulness Coordinator, Erica Marcus 00:11:08

B. Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Gagne 00:23:40

Administrative and Staff Reports 00:32:43

Business Manager's Report 00:33:46

Superintendent's Report 00:37:26

Covid update Enrollment numbers School Building Project Update Other

New Business: A. Consideration to approve sabbatical 00:42:22

Danielle Hessert SY23-24

B. Consideration to approve adjustments to Job Description for Payroll/Bookkeeper position 00:44:05

C. Consideration to disband current Building Oversight Committee 00:47:26

D. New School Building Advisory Committee discussion 00:49:40

Presentations/c. Native American Instruction - Michael Young 00:57:33

E. Consideration to adjust school calendar for Kindergarten orientation 01:13:00

April 12 & 13, 2023

F. Second Reading of Policy AC 01:15:57

Motion to combine vote on Policies AC, ACAA, ACAB, and CGFB 01:16:29

F. - I. Approval of procedures: ACAA-R, ACAB-R, and GCFB-R 01:17:46

First Reading - Policy BED 01:18:21

School Board Agenda Requests 01:21:57

Committee Reports 01:22:57

PATHS DEI Technology Building Oversight

Announcement of Upcoming Meetings 01:26:10

Motion to Adjourn 01:26:55