Town Council - December 12, 2022

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Town Clerk administers Oath of Office to new Town Council and School Board members 00:00:31

Town Council: Caitlin Jordan and Penelope Jordan School Board: Philip Saucier and Caitlin Sweet

Roll Call and The Pledge of Allegiance 00:02:34

Item #1-2023 Election of Town Council Chair 00:03:22

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:04:19

Finance Committee Report 00:19:24

Chair Nicole Boucher

Citizen opportunity for comments on NON agenda items 00:21:22

Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:27:38

Review of Draft Minutes November 14, 2022 00:32:04

Item #2-2023 Adoption of Town Council Rules 00:32:49

Consent Calendar for Items #3-2023 - 16-2023 00:34:53

Item #17-2023 Annual appointments to various town boards and committees 00:36:27

Item #18-2023 Appointment of Registrar of Voters 00:38:24

Item #19-2023 Conditional municipal approval of property to be donated to town 00:39:16

Draft Motion: ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council grants conditional municipal approval of two separate parcels of land that are proposed to be donated by Andrew Carr and Ena Hanson, Applicants to the proposed Carr Woods condominium development project as follows: 1) The "rst parcel consists of a 10-foot wide easement located along the west side of Shore Road at the easterly limits of the proposed development. 2) The second parcel consists of approximately 1.55 acres to be conveyed in fee located in the westerly portion of the proposed development.

Item #20-2023 Review of Draft Charge for the Joint Town Council & School Board Building Committee 00:46:40

Item #21-2023 Follow up request amendment for Solar Power Installation Project 01:30:08

David Littell, Attorney for the Town has prepared an amendment for the solar power installation project agreement.

Item #22-2023 Ordinance Committee report regarding parking near Trundy Point 01:50:55

Item #23-2023 Ordinance Committee report regarding Stormwater Amendments 01:57:05

Item #24-2023 Acceptance of Gifts and Donations for 2022 02:05:02

Item #25-2023 Review of Remote Participation Policy 02:06:11

Item #26-2023 Consideration of Extending the Limited Emergency for Remote Meetings 02:12:35

Motion to Adjourn 02:23:14