School Board Meeting - October 11, 2022

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Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:00

Adjustments to the Agenda 00:01:08

Approval of School Board Minutes 9/13/2022 00:01:38

Comments from public on agenda items 00:02:10

Comments from student representatives 00:02:33

Jack Quinn

Presentations: Notification of Seniority List 00:06:12

Administrative and Staff Reports 00:10:23

Assistant Superintendent Michelle McClellan Professional Development & Curriculum Update

Business Manager's Report 00:34:54

Marcia Weeks

Superintendent's Report 00:36:54

Dr. Christopher Record

New Business: A. MSMA Resolutions at the MSBA Delegate assembly 01:11:40

Consideration to approve support of the MSMA Resolutions at the MSBA Delegate Assembly held on October 22, 2022

B. High School Baseball training field trip to Orlando, Florida 01:17:14

Consideration to approve the High School Baseball Field Trip to Orlando, Florida for Training Camp from April 12th to the 15th, 2023.

C. Lease Purchase Agreement $155,000 for school copier equipment 01:36:41

MOTION to Authorize the Superintendent to execute a municipal Lease Purchase Agreement with BEU Business Equipment Unlimited in an amount not to exceed $155,000 for school department copier equipment.

D. Second Reading Policy EEAEFA - Video Surveillance on School Property 01:38:09

E. Second Reading Policy IHBAA - Referral/Pre-Referral of Students with Disabilities 01:39:03

F. Policy IHBAA-R - Referral/Procedures and General Education Interventions 01:39:59

G. First Reading Policies: 01:40:58

FF - Naming of School Facilities EFE - Sales of Foods in Competition with the Food Service Program BDC - Board Appointments BDE - Board Standing Committees BDF - Board Advisory Committees

School Board Agenda Requests 01:46:14

Committee Reports 01:46:41

PATHS DEI Technology Committee Building Oversight Committee

Announcement of Upcoming Meetings 01:52:37

a. Flu Clinic for Staff - Oct. 12, 2 pm, Fire Station b. School Board Workshop – Oct. 25, 6:30 pm CEHS Library c. DEI Task Force – Oct. 27, 3:30 pm, Fire Station d. Policy Committee - Oct. 27, 3 pm, Jordan Conference Room (Town Hall) e. Building Tours - Nov. 3, 6:00 pm (Start in Cafetorium)

Consideration to Adjourn 01:54:00

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