Town Council - July 11, 2022

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Meeting Convenes 00:01:22

Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:30

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:02:15

Finance Committee Report 00:14:35

Finance Chair Nicole Boucher

Citizen Opportunity for discussion on NON agenda items 00:15:54

Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:26:23

Review of Draft Minutes 00:32:24

June 13, 2022

Consent Calendar Motion for Items #103-2022 to #107-2022 00:33:10

Item #108-2022 Presentation - Safe in Maine Fund 00:35:02

Belinda Ray, GPCOG Director of Strategic Partnerships will present an overview of the Safe in Maine Fund.

Item #109-2022 Fiscal Review in Anticipation of Potential Borrowing 01:08:50

Joe Cuetara, Moors & Cabot will provide a fiscal review of the Town's finances.

Item #110-2022 Shore Road Rehabilitation Project Update/Preliminary Design Review 01:46:50

Item #111-2022 Request for Parking License Agreement 02:56:43

Mr. Greg Shinberg has provided a memo requesting the Town Council's consideration of a parking license agreement and construction of a parking behind Town Hall (constructed by Mr. Shinberg). Mr. Shinberg has a purchase and sale agreement to buy lots 3 & 4 in Ocean House Common.

Item #112-2022 Agreement between Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation Society and Town 03:11:44

The Town Manager is recommending signing an agreement with the Cape Elizabeth Historical Preservation Society (CEHPS) for the occupancy of the Bachelor Officers' Quarters Building at Fort Williams Park and amending the records management agreement.

Item #113-2022 Report of Certification of Citizen Petition - Plan B 03:20:49

The Citizen Petition to Create Community Housing - Plan B was submitted on June 27, 2022. The certification has been completed. In sum, the number of signatures to move the petition to public hearing and referendum vote did not meet the number of signatures required by Charter. The details are outlined in a memo to the council dated June 29.

Opportunity for Citizen Comment on Non-Agenda Items 03:24:00

Motion to Adjourn 03:24:08

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