Town Council - June 13, 2022

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Convening of the Meeting 00:00:13

Roll Call and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 00:00:37

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:01:17

Finance Committee Report 00:12:54

Finance Chair Nicole Boucher

Town Manager's Report 00:13:46

Matthew Sturgis

Review of Draft Minutes 00:15:10

May 9, 2022 May 16, 2022 May 19, 2022

Item #95-2022 Consideration of Wima2 RFP 00:15:50

RFP to retain assistance with the Implementation of the Wima Study.

Item #96-2022 RFP for Housing Diversity Study Committee Consultant/Staff Support 00:22:45

Cape Elizabeth Town Council approves the Request for Proposals Ad-Hoc Housing Diversity Study Committee Consultant as drafted by the Ordinance Committee. In addition the Ordinance Committee is tasked with reviewing proposals received and recommending a consultant to the Town Council for consideration.

Item #97-2022 Supplemental Appropriation for the Housing Diversity Study Committee Budget 00:31:20

Item #98-2022 Referral of the development of Ordinance Amendments that implement LD 2003 00:33:05

LD 2003, An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine by Studying Zoning and Land Use Restrictions, requires that certain local zoning provisions be in place for affordable housing by July 1, 2023.

Item # 99-2022 Referral to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee 00:57:52

Chair Gabrielson has requested this item on the agenda to consider referring to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee a review of the Town Council Rules as it relates to gender language with a report back to the Town Council for consideration.

Item #100-2022 Nomination of Spirit of America Award Recipient 01:00:44

Town Manager is recommending the nomination of James H. "Jim" Huebener for the 2022 Spirit of America Award.

Item #101-2022 Correction of Minutes - Item #64-2022 March 14, 2022 01:03:22

Item #102-2022 Meeting of the Museum at Portland Head Light Board of Directors 01:04:28

Citizen opportunity to comment on non-agenda items 01:25:10

Motion to adjourn 01:25:15