Town Council Special Meeting - May 19, 2022

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Convening of Meeting 00:00:02

Citizen opportunity for discussion of items NOT on agenda 00:01:48

Item #94-2022 Fiscal Year 2023 School Department Budget Approval 00:02:14

Opportunity for Public Comment on Item #94-2022 00:03:53

Motion 00:08:46

Cape Elizabeth Town Council approves the School Department budget as recommended by the School Board for Fiscal Year 2023 for a total appropriation of $31,255,751 and estimated revenues of $2,847,606.

Amended Motion Discussion 00:09:42

Made by Councilor Reiniger $30,000,000.

Vote of Amended Motion 00:22:20

Return to Original Motion Discussion 00:23:00

Vote on Original Motion with Amendment 00:33:11

Amendment to return 100% of positive changes in state subsidy to reduce taxes.

Return to Original Motion 00:34:03

Vote on Orignial Motion 00:37:30

Opportunity for citizen comment on NON agenda items 00:38:03

Motion to Adjourn 00:39:27