Town Council - May 9, 2022

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Convening of Meeting, Roll Call, and Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:05

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:00:51

Finance Committee Report 00:03:35

Finance Chair Nicole Boucher

Citizen Opportunity for Discussion on NON agenda items 00:04:29

Town Manager's Report 00:04:42

Review of Draft Minutes 00:04:55

April 11, 2022 April 25 2022 Special Meeting

Public Hearing on Technical Amendments 00:05:21

Item #81-2022 Technical Amendments recommendations from Ordinance Committee 00:06:13

Public Hearing Fiscal Year 2023 General Fund and Special Revenue Budgets 00:12:09

Item #82-2022 Motion to schedule vote on FY2023 budget 00:13:03

Item #83-2022 FY2023 Special Revenue Funds motion to approve 00:14:13

Item #84-2022 Supp. Appropriation painting Portland Head Light Keepers Quarters 00:16:17

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council appropriates $40,000 for project 2030-4061 PHL - Painting Keepers House with the appropriation of $40,000 from the fund balance account of the Portland Head Light Fund and further authorizes an interfund transfer of $40,000 from the Portland Head Light Fund to the General Fund. Project funding in the FY 2023 budget will be removed and records updated to reflect the change.

Item #85-2022 Fee Schedule change for Sewer Rate 00:18:33

Item #86-2022 Consideration to accept gift to Thomas Memorial Library 00:22:52

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council accepts a gift of up to $50,000 from the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation for furniture, fixtures and equipment at the Thomas Memorial Library and appropriates these funds into Fund 46 Library Fund, Department 891 Library TMLF Gifts as presented. Said funds automatically carry forward year-to-year until exhausted.

Item #87-2022 Closeout of CIP Project - Spurwink School Parking Lot 00:24:58

Item #88-2022 Wima Study Next Steps 00:27:25

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council refers to the Ordinance Committee the task of drafting a Wima2 RFP to retain an expert/consultant to assist in the process of accessing next steps and options toward the implementation of improving cellular coverage in Cape Elizabeth as outlined in the report by Steven Webster, Wireless Expertise, LLC dated March 9, 2022.

Item #89-2022 Supplemental Appropriation for Wima2 Consultant 00:30:08

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council appropriates $50,000 for project 2090-4162 WIMA Study from excess revenues in account R0398 – State Revenue Sharing within the current fiscal year, FY 2022.

Item #90-2022 Appointments Committee Draft Charge Housing Diversity Study Committee 00:32:04

Item #91-2022 Sawyer Rd and Spurwink Ave. culvert 00:51:51

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council authorizes the submission of a grant proposal to the National Coast Resilience Fund for the assessment/preliminary design of Sawyer Street removal and replacement of the Spurwink Avenue culvert should the Town be invited to submit a full proposal following a pre-proposal. The proposed budget is $250,000 with a $15,000 cash match from the Town of Cape Elizabeth with the Town of Scarborough also committing a $15,000 cash match for a total of $30,000.

Item #92-2022 Consideration of extending the limited emergency for remote meetings 00:56:15

Citizen comments on NON agenda items 00:59:45

Motion to adjourn 01:00:00

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