Planning Board - April 19, 2022

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Planning Board Meeting Commences April 19, 2022 00:00:04

Approval of Minutes March 15, 2022 00:00:26

Old Business: 498 Spurwink Ave. CELT RP expansion 00:01:28

498 Spurwink Ave CELT RP expansion - The Cape Elizabeth Land Trust is proposing to extend the boardwalks 300 linear feet in Runaway Farms, located at 498 Spurwink Ave (U43-8-5), resulting in 6 00 sq. ft. of wetland alteration, Sec. 19-8-3, Resource Protection Permit Public Hearing.

Old Business: Carr Woods Condominium Development Public Hearing 00:09:48

Carr Woods Condominium Development - Andrew Carr is requesting Major Subdivision Review for creation of a single family lot and 18 condominiums and a Resource Protection Permit for alteration of 11,134 sq. ft. of wetland on combined lots located in the vicinity of 10 Deep Brook Rd (U6-91, 91A, 92, 94A, 95), Sec. 16-2-4, Major Subdivision Public Hearing and Sec. 19-8-3, Resource Protection Permit Public Hearing.

Response to public hearing 01:17:53

New Business: Wentworth Lodge 02:28:10

Wentworth Lodge Special Event Facility Site Plan renewal - The Sprague Corporation is requesting Site Plan Review of the Wentworth Lodge Special event facility located at 10 Winters Lane (R08-1), Sec. 19-9 Site Plan Completeness.

Motion to Adjourn 02:46:04

Workshop Commences 02:46:44

1. Lions Field Lighting Site Plan Amendment 02:46:54

Lions Field Lighting Site Plan Amendment. The Town of Cape Elizabeth, represented by the Cape Elizabeth Little League, would like to discuss installation of lighting on the upper Lions Field, located at 221 Ocean House Rd(U24-1).

Planning Board Status Update 03:07:14

Motion to Adjourn 03:11:25