Town Council - April 11, 2022

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Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:00:00

Finance Committee Report 00:02:59

Citizen discussion for items NOT on agenda 00:03:57

Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:04:36

Review of Draft Minutes 00:07:46

Motion to Approve Minutes for: March 14, 2022 March 16, 2022

Consent Calendar Items: #68-2022, #69-2022, #71-2022 00:08:37

68-2022: Recommendation of the Appointments Committee #69-2022: Wireless Infrastructure Market Augmentation Study #71-2022: Ordinance Committee Technical Amendments

Item #66-2022 School Budget Validation Ref. Election Warrant 00:11:55

Item #67-2022 Appointment of Election Wardens and Clerks 00:14:00

#70-2022 Ordinance Committee recommendation on Food Trucks 00:18:08

Item #72-2022 Public Comments relating to FY2-23 Budget 00:25:05

Item #73-2022 Selection of a Consultant for Housing Diversity Study 00:26:21

Item #74-2022 School SRRF Bond Order 00:29:38

SRRF Bond Order for projects at Pond Cove, Middle School, and High School in the amount of $1,161,082

Item #75-2022 School Schematic Design Bond Order 00:35:02

School Board request for a Bond Order in the amount of $650,000 for a schematic design for new construction of pond cove/middle school.

Item #76-2022 Cape Elizabeth Little League site plan amendment to Lionjs' Field 00:56:22

Installation of lights at Lions' Club field.

Item #77-2022 Consent Agreement 207 Ocean House Road 01:01:04

Consent Agreement with G&G Partners LLC relating to property 207 Ocean House Road to allow veterinary clinic to operate without it being an accessory use to a single family residence.

item #78-2022 Request for an easement from Otelco Communications 01:05:46

Motion to Adjourn 01:09:30