Town Council Meeting - March 14, 2022

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Convening of the Meeting 00:00:03

New Chapter 00:00:25

Roll Call 00:00:39

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 00:00:58

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:02:00

Finance Committee Report 00:03:42

Chair Nicole Boucher

Update on the State of Maine's Plans on Improvements for Kettle Cove State Park 00:04:22

Gary Best from Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands

Public Comment on Kettle Cove Update 00:24:30

Update from CESD Superintendent on status of School Building Project 00:39:58

Dr. Christopher Record

Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of NON-agenda items 01:16:34

Town Manager's Monthly Report 01:17:15

Matthew E. Sturgis

Motion to approve February 14, 2022 Minutes 01:21:24

Consent Calendar Item #54-2022 - #55-2022 01:22:20

Request for uses at Fort Williams Park 2022 Receipt of Audit Results FY202

Item #56-2022 Interaccount Transfer - Assessing Software Contract 01:24:25

Item #57-2022 Transfer of Budget Appropriation for the Revaluation Project 01:29:11

Public Hearing - Request for Liquor License - Tostones Cafe 01:38:08

Item #58-2022 Request for new liquor license - Tostones Cafe 01:39:32

Item #59-2022 Review of Proposed MOU 01:40:46

Proposed Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Cape Elizabeth and the Cape Community Arena Group

Item #60-2022 Refer Ad Hoc Affordable Housing Committee/charge to Appointments Committee 01:45:06

Item #61-2022 Consideration to refer parking on Reef Road to Ordinance Committee 01:48:02

Item #62-2022 Refer FY 2023 Municipal Budget to Finance Committee 01:53:22

Item #63-2022 Consideration to extend Limited Emergency for Remote Meetings 01:55:25

Item #64-2022 Executive Session to consider property tax abatement 02:02:12

Draft Motion ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council pursuant to 1 M.R.S. Section 405 6F considers a request for a property tax abatement due to hardship or poverty.