School Board Meeting - Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Call to Order/Roll Call 00:01:00

Adjustments to the Agenda 00:02:03

Motion to approve Jan. 11, 2022 Minutes 00:03:15

Approval of Jan. 25, 2022 Minutes 00:03:47

Approval of Feb. 2, 2022 Minutes 00:04:25

Comments from public on agenda items 00:05:00

Comments from Student Representatives 00:05:33

Presentations: A. Music Students 00:06:59

District 1 Music Students with teachers Joanne Lee and Robert Wheeler

B. Facilities Director David Bagdisarian 00:14:05

Recent pipe incident at CEHS and recognition of staff who helped

C. Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) 00:28:00

ELO Coordinator Sarah Plummer and Assistant Principal Nate Carpenter

Administrative & Staff Reports: Business Manager 00:48:09

Superintendent 00:51:35

New Business: A. Resolution Regarding School Revolving Ren. Loan 01:09:40

B. CEHS Model United Nations Dartmouth College Nations Conference 01:14:51

C. CEHS Program of Studies 2022-2023 01:16:19

Confidential Secretary Job Description Updates 01:22:53

Second Reading Policy EEBB 01:25:37

Second Reading Policy BG 01:26:35

Consideration to approve BG-R Policy adoption and amendment procedure 01:27:24

Frist Readings: 01:30:12

BBAB - Student School Board Representatives AC - Nondiscrimination / Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action ACAB - Employee Discrimination / Harassment and Title IX Sexual Harassment

School Board Agenda Requests 01:33:39

Committee Reports 01:33:57

Upcoming Meetings 01:44:12

Motion to Adjourn 01:46:25