Town Council Meeting - December 13, 2021

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Swearing in of 2022 Town Council and School Board members 00:00:05

Town Council - Timothy Reiniger and Susan Gillis School Board - Heather Altenburg, Kathleen Curry-Sparks, Elizabeth Scifres

Roll Call 00:03:07

Pledge of Allegiance 00:03:26

Item #1-2022 Election of the Town Council Chairman 00:03:57

Jeremy Gabrielson

Town Council Reports & Correspondence 00:04:49

Finance Committee Report 00:05:27

Citizen Opportunity to speak on NON Agenda Items 00:06:10

Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:06:27

9. Review of Draft Minutes of the meeting held on November 8, 2021 and Special Meeting on December 1, 2021 00:07:19

Item #2-2022 Adoption of the Town Council Rules 00:08:10

Consent Calendar Items #3-2022 - Item #20-2022 00:08:48

Item #20-2022 Removed from consent calendar

Item #20-2022 American Rescue Plan Act 00:12:27

Public Hearing on Wireless Amendments 00:17:45

Item #21-2022 Consideration of Planning Board's recommendation on wireless amendments 00:19:18

Following the public hearing, the town council may approve the amendments or refer to a subsequent meeting for action, refer to workshop or the ordinance committee for further review.

Item #22-2022 Property Tax Assistance Program Report 00:20:27

Item #23-2022 Annual appointments to boards and committees 00:31:31

Item #24-2022 Scheduling of Citizen Petition Referendum 00:33:38

Item #25-2022 Fort Williams Park Comm. recommendation to increase pay and display 01:00:17

Item #26-2022 Increase commercial vehicle fees at Fort Williams 01:01:31

Item #27-2022 Winterfest Fireworks at Fort Williams 01:11:01

ORDERED, the Cape Elizabeth Town Council approves the recommendation of the Fort Williams Park Committee for the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Rotary to host Winterfest fireworks in Fort Williams Park on Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. Details as outlined to be coordinated with town staff and Rotary members.

Item #28-2022 Juneteenth Holiday to Personnel Code 01:13:46

#Item #29-2022 Update on RFP for Equipment for Hybrid Meetings 01:20:50

Item #30-2022 WIMA Study Oversight 01:32:44

Item #31-2022 Acceptance of Annual Gifts and Donations 01:34:53

Item #32-2022 Extension of Limited Emergency for Remote Meetings 01:37:16

Citizen comments on non-agenda items 01:43:30

Adjournment 01:50:28

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