Town Council Meeting - October 13, 2021

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2. Roll Call 00:00:07

3. Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:26

4. Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:00:49

5. Finance Committee Report 00:01:18

Jeremy Gabrielson

6. Citizen comments on non-agenda items 00:01:45

7. Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:02:00

8. Review of Draft Minutes for Sep. 13, 2021 00:06:18

9. Consent calendar items 134-2021 - 142-2021 00:06:44

134 Renewal Liquor license for Tacos Y Tequila 135 MDOT Grant - Shore road preliminary engineering 136 Award of Deposit 137 Award of Lease 138 Authorization of borrowing for FY22 CIP 139 Directing the Planning Board to prepare Technical Ordinance Amendments 140 Request from Cape Courier for holiday tree lighting ceremony on Village Green 141 Request for use of Fort Williams Park on July 14, 2022 for National Governors Association 142 Consideration of acceptance of the MMA MacDonald Safety Grants

#143-2021 Public Hearing on General Assist. Ordinance 00:09:54

#144-2021 General Assistance Ordinance & Appendices 00:12:55

Draft Motion: Town Council approves the General Assistance Model Ordinance and Appendices (9/2021) as recommended by the Maine Municipal Association effective October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2022

Public Hearing Proposed TIF for Dunham Court Project 00:17:35

#145-2021 Proposed tax increment financing district 01:01:52

The town council may vote on the TIF, defer the vote to the next meeting and/or refer to workshop for additional review.

#146-2021 Town Center Affordable Housing Amendments 01:06:40

#147-2021 Refer Food Trucks to Ordinance Committee 02:17:33

#148-2021 Building Oversight Comm. Appointment 02:19:10

Motion to appoint two Town Council members to serve as interim town council representatives to the Building Oversight Committee.

#149-2021 Consideration to Extend Limited Emergency for Remote Meetings 02:21:03

Citizen opportunity to make comments on non-agenda items. 02:26:27

#150-2021 Executive Session 02:31:00

Discussion or consideration of the condition, acquisition or the use of real or personal property permanently attached to real property or interests therein or disposition of publicly held property or economic development only if premature disclosures of the information would prejudice the competitive or bargaining position of the body or agency.

Adjournment 02:31:44

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