School Board Meeting - Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Roll Call/Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:03

Adjustments to the Agenda 00:01:22

Approval of Sept. 14, 2021 Minutes 00:02:15

Comments from Public on non-agenda items 00:02:47

Comments from Student Reps. 00:03:15

No Student Representatives present.

Presentations - Notification of Seniority Lists 00:03:22

Ingrid Whittaker

Administrative & Staff Reports 00:08:10

A. Transportation department

B. Nutrition report 00:10:10

Peter Esposito

C. Michelle McLellan - Staff Report 00:16:37

Ast. Superintendent

D. Business Manager - Marcie Weeks 00:32:53

Superintendent - Chris Record 00:37:44

New Business - School Board Goals 00:58:44

MSMA Resolutions at MSMA Delegate Assembly 01:06:15

Assembly will be held on October 23, 2021

Approval of Accountant Job Description 01:14:37

Update to COVID mitigation measures from 8-16-21 01:17:14

CEEF Turkey Hill Farm funding 01:22:05

Consideration to accept the CEEF Turkey Hill Farm Place Based 7th and 8th Grade Team, CEMS for $24,000.

Approval of donation to CESD 01:25:35

Consideration to accept the donation to Cape Elizabeth School Department from a Cape Elizabeth family.

Second Reading for Policy GBP 01:31:22

GBP - Earned paid leave for non-unionized employees

First Reading of Policies IKD and JKAA 01:32:38

IKD - Honor Roll JKAA - Use of physical restraint and seclusion

School Board Agenda Requests 01:44:46

Committee Reports 01:44:54

PATHS DEI Technology Committee

Upcoming Meetings 01:47:44

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