School Board Meeting - Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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VII. Administrative Reports 00:16:50

A. Principals B. Business Manager C. Assistant Superintendent D. Director of Special Services E. Superintendent

VIII. New Business - A. Summer Hires 00:35:55

B. Approve Operations Manager Job Description 00:39:20

C. ELO Job Description 00:40:34

D. Approve Building Oversight Committee 00:43:36

E. Second Readings 00:47:41

Policies: JLCB - Immunizations GCFB -Recruiting and Hiring of Admin. Staff BED - Remote Participation of Board Meetings

F. First Readings 00:56:04

Draft Policy GBP - Earned Paid Leave GBP-R - Earned paid leave procedures

IX. School Board Agenda Requests 00:58:08

X. Committee Reports 00:59:35

XI. Upcoming Meetings 01:01:30

XII. Motion to Adjourn 01:02:17