School Board Business Meeting May 11, 2021

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Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:03

1. Adjustments to Agenda 00:01:52

2. Approval of April 12 Minutes 00:02:11

April 12, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

3. Approval of April 13 Minutes 00:02:56

Minutes from April 13, 2021 Regular Business Meeting

4. Approval of April 15 Minutes 00:03:42

Minutes from April 15, 2021 Special Business Meeting

5. Comments from Public on Agenda Items 00:04:28

6. Comments from Student Representatives 00:05:31

7. Presentation: NAMM's 00:09:14

"Best Communities for Music Educaiton"

8. COVID update from Superintendent 00:22:22

9. Administrative Reports A. Prinicipals 00:30:47

B. Business Manager 00:39:56

C. Director of Teaching and Learning 00:42:52

D. Director of Special Services 00:44:30

E. Superintendent 00:46:00

1. Enrollment numbers 2. FY22 Budget Update

10. New Business - A. 00:47:57

A. Consideration to approve new high school Spanish teacher

B. High School Social Studies 00:49:05

Consideration to approve the hire of High School Social Studies Teacher

C. High School Technology Integrator 00:50:46

Consideration to approve the hire of High School Technology Integrator

D. Leave of Absence Request 00:51:29

Consideration to approve the Leave of Absence Request

E. Nominations of second-year contracts 00:53:19

Consideration to approve the Superintendent's nominations of personnel to second-year probationary contracts.

F. Nominations for third-year contracts 00:54:04

Consideration to approve the Superintendent’s nomination of personnel to third year probationary contracts.

G. Nomination first-year continuing contracts 00:54:56

Consideration to approve the Superintendent’s nomination of personnel to first year continuing contracts.

H. Assistant Superintendent search committee 00:55:59

Consideration of School Board Member on the Assistant Superintendent Interview Committee

I. Director Ed. Technology Interview Committee 00:58:27

J. Director Facilitie/Transp. interview committee 00:59:42

K. Asst. Superintendent Job Description 01:01:25

Consideration to approve the Assistant Superintendent Job Description.

L. Affirmative Action Plan 01:03:58

Consideration to approve the Affirmative Action Plan

M. Affirmative Action/Title IX Job description 01:07:13

Consideration to approve the Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator Job Description.

N. Recertification Plan 01:09:12

Consideration to approve the Recertification Plan

O. Recert. Committee Job Description 01:12:08

Consideration to approve the Recertification Committee Representative Job Description

P. Policy JFABD Second Reading 01:12:52

Motion to approve Second Reading - Policy JFABD – Education of Homeless Students.

Q. Policy JFC Second Reading 01:14:21

Motion to approve Policy JFC - Dropout Prevention Committee

R. Second reading procedures 01:17:22

Procedure JFABD-R - Education of homeless students procedures Dropout Prevention Plan (Replacing JFC-R)

11. Agenda Requests 01:18:10

12. Committee Reports 01:18:21

PATHS Policy DEI Technology Commoittee Finance Committee

13. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings 01:22:20