Town Council February 8, 2021

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1. and 2. Convening of meeting/roll call 00:00:12

3. Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:53

4. Town Council Reports/Correspondence 00:01:15

6. Presentation 00:04:00

Chrissy Adamowicz from the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) will present an overview of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) initiative. Ms. Adamowicz alsopresented to the Recycling Committee on November 5, 2020.

7. Citizen Opportunity for Non Agenda Items 00:36:30

8. Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:37:20

9. Review of Draft Minutes from 1/11/21 00:39:00

16. Item #47-2021 Request for Street Name Change 00:39:45

Agenda order switch. Item #47-2021 moves up. Draft motion: the Cape Elizabeth Town Council approves the request of Steve & Marsha Tonkovich to change the street name of Waltman Way to Tanglewood Place pursuant to Chapter 22 Addressing Ordinance and in accordance with Section 22-7-1 Notification and Inspection.

10. Item #32-2021 Author. of Transfer Funds 00:43:43

On January 11, 2021 the Finance Director John Quartararo recommended revamping of the budgets for the accounts within the 600 series. Due to technical audio difficulties, Mr. Quartararo was unable to answer questions so the item was tabled. Mr. Quartararo has provided a follow up memo and suggested motions. At the last meeting the council requested further information relating to consolidating the accounts relating to Fort Williams Park.

11. Public Hearing - Short Term Rentals 00:57:07

Item #42-2021 Short Term Rental Amendments On January 11, 2011 the town council referred to public hearing on February 8, 2021 a planning board recommendation to amend the short term rental amendments in Chapter 19 Zoning Ordinance. Following the public hearing it is anticipated the town council will vote to table the vote until March 8. Generally ordinances are effective 30 days from the date they are approved however the council will consider adopting STR revisions effective July 1, 2021. On March 8, Whereas statements will be suggested in the draft motion. The draft has been provided in advance of the vote.

12. Public Hearing - Comp. Plan Amendment 01:56:30

Draft motion: Cape Elizabeth Town Council tables Item #43-2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendment - Recommendation #86 to the March 8, 2021 Town Council meeting. It is anticipated the town council will vote on the amendments on March 8.

13. Public Hearing - Fence Amendments 01:58:20

Item #44-2021 Draft motion: Cape Elizabeth Town Council adopts amends to Chapter 19 Zoning Ordinance related to fence amendments Sec. 19-1-3. Definitions and Sec. 19-7-12. Fences and Corner Clearances.

14. Public Hearing - Town Farm Parking Amend. 02:00:10

Item #45-2-21 Cape Elizabeth Town Council adopts amends to Chapter 19 Zoning Ordinance relating to Town Farm District parking amendments Sec. 19-6-10 Town Farm District (TF).

15. Public Hearing Boards/Comm. Amendments 02:01:47

Item #46-2021 Cape Elizabeth Town Council amends Chapter 4 Boards and Committees Sec. 4-1-7 H to add: d. Establish policies to manage the Bottle Shed Charitable Donation Program and determine charitable disbursements.

17. Traffic Ord. Parking Amendments - Kettle Cove 02:04:20

Item #48-2021 Cape Elizabeth Town Council sets to public hearing on Monday, March 8, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom ordinance committee recommendations relating to Chapter 13 Traffic Ordinance parking amendments to Kettle Cove at Crescent Beach and Sea View Avenue/Glen Avenue.

18. Item #49-2021 Acceptance of Village Green 02:07:48

Cape Elizabeth Town Council accepts the Village Green at Ocean House Commons with the following conditions, and authorizes the town manager to sign the property deed on behalf of the Town as reviewed and approved by the town's attorney. 1. The developer's team shall undertake remedial steps to address the spacing gap between the bottom of the light poles and the top of the concrete light pole bases for the four lights along Ocean House Road. 2. The developer's team shall finalize the As-Built Plan of the Village Green improvements and install all Village Green property monumentation as shown on the approved plan. 3. The developer's team shall replace the four dead plantings by June 30, 2021 as have been previously identified. 4. The Town shall install additional plantings by June 30, 2021 in the location of electrical panel in accordance with the agreed upon plan developed by Sebago Technics. 5. The developer shall provide easement rights to the Town for the installation of a new connection to the existing Ocean House Commons domestic water line for the purposes of serving a future irrigation system to be installed by the Town for a portion of the Village Green property. 6. The developer's team shall repair by June 30, 2021 the storm drain pipe elevation entering the overflow catch basin from the Type F catch basin which receives flow from Focal Point #1.

19. Item #50-2021 Multi-family development 02:13:12

Cape Elizabeth Town Council refers to the planning board development of Town Center Affordable Housing Amendments. The amendments should preserve Town Center requirements to the extent feasible while also permitting an affordable housing project that provides a substantial public benefit. Recommended amendments should be returned to the town council by April 30, 2021. In addition, staff is directed to develop TIF District and Shared Parking proposals to be completed by May 1, 2021 for town council consideration.

20. Item #51-2021 FY22 Budget Prelim. Parameters 02:59:40

The town manager has received recommended FY 2022 budget requests from department heads. The proposed municipal budget will be delivered to the town council by March 5, 2021. The town council will have an opportunity to provide preliminary budget parameters.

21. Item 52-2021 Town Council 2021 Goals 03:05:55