Planning Board November 17, 2020

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1. Call to order 00:00:11

Approval of October 20, 2020 minutes

2. New Business: Short Term Rentals Amend. 00:01:35

The Town Council has referred for Planning Board review proposed Short Term Rental Amendments and a revision to Recommendation #86 of the 2019 Comprehensive Plan, Sec. 19-10-3 Amendments Public Hearing.

Public Hearing on Short Term Rental Amendments 00:05:40

Board discussion and vote on Comp. Plan #86 00:32:07

Vote on STR Amendements 00:51:25

3. Old Business: Communication Tower 00:52:47

Town of Cape Elizabeth Communications Tower - The Town of Cape Elizabeth is requesting site plan review of a 180' tall telecommunications town and 16' x 11.5' support building to be installed at 8 Dennison Dr (R5- 10), Sec. 19-9 Site Plan Public Hearing and Sec. 19-8-12, Tower and Antenna Performance Standards.

Public Hearing on Tower 01:05:07

Board Discussion and Vote 01:05:44

4. New Business: Magnolia Terrace Private Rd. 01:19:28

Magnolia Terrace Private Rd and Resource Protection Permit - Christoper Cary is requesting review of a 377'+ Private Road to be called Magnolia Terrace and Resource Protection Permit to fill 3,550 sq. ft. of RP2 wetland to create frontage for a new lot in the vicinity of 4 Alexander Drive (R4-44C), Sec. 19-7-9 Private Road Review Completeness, and Sec. 19-8-3 Resource Protection Permit Completeness.

Public Comment on Magnolia Way 01:40:40

Board Discussion 01:41:44

Vote and establish Public Hearing 02:01:30

Motion to Adjourn 02:04:19

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