School Board Meeting Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Call to Order 00:01:24

Pledge of Allegiance 00:06:05

I. Adjustments to Agena 00:06:24

II. Comments from Public on Agenda Items 00:10:18

III. Admin. Reports A. Superintendent 00:31:51

III. B. Principals: Pond Cove Elementary 00:53:39

Jason Manjourides

III. B. Principals: Cape Elizabeth Middle School 01:10:29

Troy Eastman

III. B. Prinicipals - Cape Elizabeth High School 01:28:40

Jeff Shedd

III. C. Business Manager 01:39:52

Marcie Weeks

III. E. Special Services 01:44:35

Del Peavey

III. B. Cape Elizabeth High School 01:51:37

Second portion of report with Jeff Shedd

III. D. Director of Teaching and Learning Report 02:19:55

Cathy Stankard

III. F. Director of Facilities & Transportation 02:35:58

Perry Schwarz

III. G. Director of Nutrition Services 02:59:03

Peter Esposito

III. H. Athletic Directors 03:01:06

Jeff Thoreck

III. I. Technology Coordinator 03:15:30

Noel Harroff

III. J. School Nurses 03:24:18

Erin Taylor, Pond Cove Elementary Nurse

IV. New Business B. Consider to approve reopening 03:52:00

School Board discussion on motion to approve schools' reopening plan for the fall.

IV. B. Proposed Amendment to Motion 04:42:50

Philip Saucier offers amendment whereby the high school employs 100% remote learning and the elementary and middle school offer a hybrid based on greatest needs for in-school learning.

IV. B. Proposed Second Amendment to Motion 04:54:10

Hope Straw offers second amendment to begin school in 100% remote and revisit the hybrid option in approximately one month.

IV. B. Motion to Table Agenda for one week 05:17:20

Given the new concerns regarding ventilation concerns within all schools, Chair Heather Altenburg suggested delaying vote and action on remaining agenda items for one week in order to gain more professional input.

V. Adjourn 05:19:42

Remaining agenda items will be addressed on Tuesday, August 18, 2020