Town Council August 10, 2020

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Executive Session Item #107-2020 Public Comment 00:00:07

Executive Session Relating to Surfside Avenue Paper Streets Lawsuit The town council will convene at 6:30 p.m. to enter into executive session with the town’s attorney Durward Parkinson regarding an update to paper street sections of Surfside Avenue and the recent decision from the Maine Supreme Judicial Court Pilot Point, LLC et al. v. Town of Cape Elizabeth. There will be an opportunity for public comment, see rules below, prior to the council going into executive session. It is anticipated the town council will take no action

Public Comment Ends and Executive Session begins 00:07:30

Item #107-2020 Town Council goes into private meeting.

End of Executive Session 00:08:05

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:08:36

Appropriation Control Expense Distribution Revenue Control Revenue Distribution

Citizen Comments for Items not on Agenda 00:19:05

Town Manager's Report 00:21:32

Item #108-2020 The Well Liquor License Renewal 00:26:49

Well, LLC, Jason Williams DBA The Well at Jordan’s Farm located at 19 Wells Road is seeking renewal of the malt liquor (beer), wine and spirits licenses. No concerns have been reported by the code enforcement office, police and fire departments.

Item #109-2020 Shore Rd Rehab. Prelim. Design 00:28:46

At a workshop held on September 4, 2019 the town council was provided an overview of the Shore Road Rehabilitation Study prepared by Town Engineer Stephen Harding. Town Planner Maureen O’Meara has provided a memorandum to the town council relating to the next step of the project for funding of the preliminary design.

Item # 110-2020 Review 2019 Comp. Plan Reco. #86 00:34:54

At the July 20, 2020 special town council meeting, the town council voted to forward proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance related to short-term rental to the planning board. The council discussed a possible amendment to the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Recommendation #86 resulting from the proposed amendment to limit STR operations to primary residents. The council will consider formally requesting review from the planning board.

Item #111-2020 Village Green Flagpole Donation 00:38:29

The village green under construction to the south of town hall includes the installation of a flagpole. As part of the village green design the developer is responsible for purchasing and installing a flagpole. On July 20, 2020 the town council authorized the relocation of the War Veteran’s Monument to the village green. The monument is now located near the flagpole. Town resident John Mitchell approached the town about upgrading the approved flagpole that includes a yardarm. The town has received three donations for the cost difference for the flagpole upgrade.

Item # 112-2020 Ordinance Relating to Fences 00:41:09

Recently the town council received correspondence from Rich West, 821 Shore Road requesting the town council review of fence heights. A subsequent email was received by Cynthia Talbot, 825 Shore Road. Chairman Adams requests the town council consider Mr. West’s request. There is no permit or local ordinance regulating fence height or location. If the council would like further review it would be in order to refer to the ordinance committee.

Item #113-2020 FY2020 CIP Interproject Transfers 00:53:19

Finance Director John Quartararo has provided a memo outlining suggested fiscal year 2020 interproject budget transfers.

Item #114-2020 Award Lease-Purchase with TD Equip. 00:54:50

Finance Director John Quartararo has provided a memo outlining the lease-purchase borrowing of $1,035,100 in capital improvements projects approved in the fiscal year 2021 budget for the replacement of Hannaford Field, a replacement tool carrier for the public works department, 22 radios for the police department and a communications tower. Following a request for proposals process, TD Equipment Finance is the recommended award of bid. James Saffian, Bond Counsel has prepared an order in the next agenda item

Item #115-2020 Auth. Lease-Purc. Agree. with TD 00:58:14

Anticipating an approval of Item #111-2020, it is recommended the town council authorize the following order as prepared by Bond Counsel James Saffian.

Item #116-2020 Carry Forward Balances FY20 00:59:23

Finance Director John Quartararo has prepared a memorandum relating to recommended carry forward balances from fiscal year 2020.

Item #117-2020 Maine Municipal Assoc. Ballot 01:00:22

The Maine Municipal Association’s annual ballot has been distributed to members. It is recommended the town council authorize the town manager to vote on behalf of the town council the slate of officers as presented by the MMA Nominating Committee.

Adjournment 01:13:50