Town Council Meeting, July 13, 2020

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Town Council Meeting 00:00:19

Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

Finance Committee Report 00:02:10

Appropriation Control, Expense Distribution, Revenue Control, and Revenue Distribution

Town Managers Report 00:06:54

Approval of Minutes 00:10:54

June 8, 2020, June 15, 2020 Special Meeting, and June 22, 2020 Special Meeting

Item #94-2020 The Good Table Liquor License Renew 00:12:00

The Good Table, Inc. located at 527 Ocean House Road is seeking renewal of the malt liquor (beer), wine and spirits licenses. No concerns have been reported by the code enforcement office, police and fire departments.

Item #95-2020 Short-Term Rental Amendments 00:14:40

Public Comment

Item #95-2020 Short-Term Rent.l Ordinance Amendmen 00:28:00

Motion and Town Council discussion

Motion to Forward # 95-2020 to Wkshop 01:05:00

Item #96-2020 Short-Term Rental Permit Fees 01:06:17

As part of the short-term rental ordinance review, the town council has indicated that short-term rental fees should be changed.

Item #97-2020 Appointments Cmte. Recommendation 01:24:00

Public Comment

Item #97-2020 Consider Appointments Committee Reco 01:26:50

Town Council motion and discussion

Item #98-2020 Fort Williams Park Committee 02:13:30

Recommended Vendor for the Master Plan Update: Public Comment

Item #98-2020 Fort Williams Park Committee 02:14:20

Recommended Vendor for the Master Plan Update: Town Council Motion and Discussion.

Item #99-2020 Town Center Traffic Study 02:17:30

Refer to Workshop Motion. The town manager is recommending the town council refer to a future workshop for review and discussion the Town Center Transportation Study performed by Tom Errico of T.Y.Lin.

Item #100-2020 Renewal Spurwink Rod & Gun Lics. 02:19:33

Public Comment

Item #100-2020 Renew. Spurwink Rod & Gun Lics. 02:23:20

Town Council Motion and Discussion: Pursuant to Chapter 24 Shooting Ranges Sec. 24-6-2 (Renewal). After inspection by Chief Paul Fenton and Code Enforcement Officer Benjamin McDougal, the recommendation is to renew the license as presented.

Item #101-2020 Referral to Conservation Committee 02:24:32

Public Comment, Relating to Cliff House Beach Use and Management of Cliff House Beach.

Item #101-2020 Referral to Conservation Committee 02:29:07

Town Council Discussion on referral: Neighbors of Cliff House Beach have voiced concerns about the use and management of Cliff House Beach and traffic concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic

Item #101-2020 Motion 02:41:00

Motion to forward recommendation to the Conservation Committee

Adjourn 02:48:42