Town Council Appointments Committee - June 29, 2020

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Appointments Committee June 29, 2020 00:04:18

Welcome from Chair Valerie Deveraux to begin discussion on the formation of a new committee which will address racism and equity in Cape Elizabeth.

How new committee will be formed. 00:06:40

Public Comment - 1 00:09:42

Creation of New Committee Discussion 00:26:35

Creation of New Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The Appointment’s Committee was charged with creating the membership, purpose, and duties of a new committee to address diversity, racism, and racial inequality.

Superintendent Donna Wolfrom 00:31:42

Information on how the school department hopes to work in conjunction with the Town Council.

Membership 00:34:40

Discussion on the membership of new committee.

Purpose of Committee Discussion 00:47:00

Duties 01:00:00

Discussion outlining the duties and charge of the new committee.

Pubic Comment - 2 01:16:40

Naming the Committee 01:32:25

Discussion on potential names.

Public Comment - 3 01:39:07

Adjournment 01:59:00