School Board June 9, 2020

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I. Adjustments to Agenda 00:01:42

II. Approval of Board Minutes: May 12, 2020 00:02:40

III. Comments by Student Representatives 00:03:31

IV. Comments from up Pubic on Agenda Items 00:05:35

V. Presentations A. Recognition of Retirees 00:05:58

Recognizing Bernard Shannon, Christine Newell, Deborah Casey, Lisa Leonard, Stephanie Babin

VI. Administrative Reports 00:28:07

VI. A. Principals' Updates 00:28:13

VI. B. Director of Special Services 00:40:01

VI. C. Director of Teaching and Learning 00:43:04

VI. D. Business Manager 00:45:42

1. General Fund Expenditures

VII. F. Policy Second Reading JS 00:50:34

Consider to approve Policy Second Reading JS: SUICIDE PREVENTION, INTERVENTION, AND RESPONSE.

VI. E. Superintendent 01:03:16

1. School enrollment numbers

VII. New Business 01:35:13

VII. A. Consider to Approve H. Mann hire at CEMS 01:35:22

Consideration to approve hire of Haley Mann as World Language teacher for CEMS

VII. B. Consideration to Grant Super. Select Hires 01:36:36

Consideration to grant Superintendent of Schools authority to hire school personnel, excluding administrative positions which will require Board approval, during the summer

VII. C. and B. Policies ACAA and ACAA-R 01:37:44

Consider to approve the Policy Second Reading of ACAA: HARASSMENT AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF STUDENTS. Harassment of students because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, ancestry or national origin, or disability is prohibited. Such conduct is a violation of Board policy and may constitute illegal discrimination under state and federal laws. Policy ACAA-R: STUDENT DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT COMPLAINT PROCEDURE. This procedure implements the Board’s policies AC – Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action and ACAA – Harassment and Sexual Harassment of Students. It summarizes the steps to be taken when a student or staff member believes that discimination or harassment of a student has occurred. No vote is required for ACAA-R.

VII. E. Second Reading JLCA 01:44:07

Consider to approve Policy Second Reading JLCA: PHYSICAL EXAMINATION REQUIREMENT AND SHARING INFORMATION BETWEEN SCHOOL AND HOME. (Change title to make it easier to find physical exam information/policy) By law and to protect the health and safety of students, it is important that certain medical information about students be shared between home and school. The purpose of this policy is to prescribe the process and circumstances for information sharing.

VII. G. Resignation of CEHS Band Director 01:51:54

Notification of resignation of Michael Scarpone, High School Band Director

VIII. School Board Agenda Requests 01:52:23

IX. Committee Reports 01:52:23

A. Policy Committee B. Technology Committee C. PATHS D. Student Wellness E. Buildings and Grounds F. Legislative Liaison

X. Announcement of Upcoming Meetings 01:52:49

XI. Consideration to Adjourn 01:54:45