Town Council June 8, 2020

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Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:00:01

Finance Committee Report 00:04:53

Citizen Opportunity for Discussion 00:14:08

Public Hearing Fiscal Year 2021 School Budget 00:17:04

Town Manager's Report 00:18:41

Public Hearing Fiscal Year 2021 School Budget -2 00:21:27

Item #85-2020 Fiscal Year 2021 School Budget 01:09:42

On May 27, 2020 the town council voted to hold a public hearing on June 8 relating to the fiscal year 2021 school budget. The council will vote on the school budget June 15 with the validation election on July 14.

Item #86-2020 Town Emergency Order Exp. 6-30-20 01:11:00

On March 25, 2020 the town council passed an emergency ordinance relating to a prohibition on businesses during the public health emergency. Subsequently the emergency ordinance was amended on April 1, April 28 and May 27. The emergency order expires June 30, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Based on resident feedback, Councilor Garvin has requested town council discussion on the requirement for dogs within Fort Williams Park to be restrained by leash at all times.

Item #87-2020 Ordinance Cmte. Nonconforming lots 01:53:43

The town council referred to the ordinance committee recommendations #30 and #82 from the adopted Comprehensive Plan adopted June 2019. The ordinance committee reviewed the recommendations as a pair because they both relate to nonconforming lots. The committee recommends the proposed amendments be reviewed by the town council in workshop session prior to referral to the planning board.

Item #88-2020 CIP Interproject Transfers 02:02:33

Finance Director John Quartararo is recommending the town council authorize capital improvement project interproject transfers. The transfers are between the operating budget for Fort Williams Park and between capital improvement projects.

Item #89-2020 Exec. Order Re. Vehicle Registration 02:04:45

Although the Tax Office has been processing registrations by mail and assisting residents with online re-registrations throughout the emergency period, time is needed to process the volume of vehicle registrations including re-registrations, new purchases and transfers. Finance Director John Quartararo recommends the town council approve the following order.