Town Council March 9, 2020

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Convening of the Meeting by Town Council Chairman 00:02:25

Roll Call by the Town Clerk 00:02:31

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag 00:02:49

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:03:14

Finance Committee Report 00:06:22

Citizen Opportunity for Discussion of Items Not on 00:07:55

Review of Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Feb 00:10:52

Item #39-2020 Confirmation of Director of the Thom 00:11:12

Confirmation of Director of the Thomas Memorial Library

Revaluation Update 00:13:23

Town Assessor Clinton Swett will provide an overview and status of the upcoming revaluation

Item #40-2020 Fort Williams Group Use – Beach to B 00:33:36

Fort Williams Group Use – Beach to Beacon

Item #41-2020 Group Use Request Making Strides Wal 00:46:42

Group Use Request Making Strides Walk at Fort Williams Park

Item #42-2020 Consideration of Memorial Bench Fee 00:47:37

Consideration of Memorial Bench Fee at Fort Williams Park

Item #43-2020 Consider Ordinance Committee Recomme 00:52:41

Consider Ordinance Committee Recommendation – Short Term Rental Permit Moratorium

Opportunity for Public Comment (Limited to 15 minu 00:53:47

Opportunity for Public Comment (Limited to 15 minutes; 3 minutes per person. Time may be extended by a majority of the town council.)

Item #44-2020 Receipt of Audit Results 01:03:37

Item #45-2020 Vote Authorizing Expenditures for Sc 01:05:18

Item #45-2020 Vote Authorizing Expenditures for School Renovations

Item #46-2020 Acceptance of Police Department Gran 01:12:17

Acceptance of Police Department Grant

Item #47-2020 Write-Offs of Uncollectible Sewer Li 01:13:32

Write-Offs of Uncollectible Sewer Liens/Receivable

Item #48-2020 FY 2021 Municipal Budget 01:15:54

FY 2021 Municipal Budget

Item #49-2020 Town Council 2020 Goals 01:20:44

Item #50-2020 Cooperative Agreement with the City 01:21:49

Cooperative Agreement with the City of South Portland Relating to Snow Removal/Vehicle Turnaround Routes on Local Streets

Item #51-2020 Refer Health and Sanitation Ordinanc 01:23:10

Refer Health and Sanitation Ordinance to Recycling Committee Relating to Single Use of Disposable Bags and Certain Disposable Food Service Containers

Item #52-2020 Annual Evaluation of the Town Manage 01:24:31

Annual Evaluation of the Town Manager