School Board Building Committee February 4, 2020

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I. Welcome and Introductions 00:00:09

II. Charge 00:01:47

Review the Needs Assessment report, determine priorities, determine the size and scope of a future project and bond, and make a recommendation to the School Board.

III. Good news 00:02:10

IV. Strategic Plan Goals and history 00:06:22

V. 4 Questions: 00:08:49

• What does safe mean? • What does "effective facilities" mean? • What is our environmental responsibility as a district? • What is our financial responsibility to the district and the community?

VII. Report out 00:12:53

VIII. List of red flags from the Needs Assessment 00:53:44

Future meetings: 01:26:55

6:30 pm - High School Library Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 Tuesday, March 17, 2020