Town Council - February 12, 2024

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2/12/2024 12:00:00 AM


Call of the Roll/Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:15

Town Council Reports and Correspondence 00:01:05

Finance Committee Report 00:08:15

Tim Thompson

Citizen Comments on Non Agenda Items 00:13:30

Town Manager's Monthly Report 00:21:52

Matthew Sturgis

Draft Minutes from January 8, 2024 00:29:47

Consent Calendar Item #40-2024 - Item #45-2024 00:30:35

Item 44-2024 Consideration to Authorize an Application for the Housing Opportunity Program Municipal Grant 00:50:04

Public Hearing on Proposed Conservation Ordinance Events Amendment 00:58:02

Item #46-2024 Proposed Conservation Ordinance Event Amendment 01:00:03

Public Hearing New Liquor License - 527 Ocean LLC DBA The Good Table 01:00:41

Item #47-2024 New Liquor License for DBA Good Table 01:01:22

Item #48-2024 Nomination of Spirit of America Award Recipient 01:01:57

Item #49-2024 Consideration of a Request from Rally For The Courts to Fundraise for New Pickleball Courts at Fort Williams Park 01:06:46

Item #50-2024 Request for Consideration of Gull Crest Housing Bond 01:12:50

Item #51-2024 Consider Referring Outdoor Storage Amendments to the Planning Board 02:04:48

Item #52-2024 Consider Authorizing the Initiation of the Disposal of Real Estate - Vacant Land Map U29 Lot 40 02:07:34

Item #53-2024 Request to Transfer Funds to Cover the Cost for the Replacement of a Public Works Department Pickup Truck 02:12:18

Item #54-2024 Request to Transfer Unspent CIP Balance to Other Accounts 02:14:51

Item #55-2024 Approval of the Town Council Goals 02:18:00

Citizen opportunity for public comment on non-agenda items 02:25:28

This portion of the meeting was moved to precede the motion to enter into Executive Session.

Item #56-2024 Enter into Executive Session for Consultation with the Code Enforcement Officer Regarding Enforcement Matters 02:30:08

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