Energy Committee Meeting - July 6, 2020

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Item #349 - Energy Cmte. Meeting, July 6, 2020 00:00:10

Zoom Video Conference -- meeting convenes.

Public Comment 00:00:32

No public present. No public comments submitted.

Agenda Item 1 Discussion 00:00:40

Review the final proposal from Encore.

Review of Strategies Discussion 00:05:18

1. Discount rates. 2. Fixed PPA. 3. Escalator rates.

Rules on resale values 00:23:37

Avg. Annual Savings Graph 00:52:24

Review of average annual savings to Town 20 Year PPA.

Discussion on references. 01:07:00

Discussion of references for top candidates.

Bidders' Pricing Discussion 01:13:12

Weighted scores for Landfill-only Bids.

Narrowing the field and next steps. 01:25:00

Narrowing the field of top candidates and establishing follow-up questions.

Motion to Adjourn 01:48:00